Entering the Civil Aircraft Industry:   Business Realities at the Technological Frontier

This book is an accessible guide to one of the world’s most fascinating industries, civil jet aircraft manufacturing. Civil aircraft are extremely complex machines and only four companies have mastered it on a global scale: Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

Most countries aspire to have a civil aircraft industry. China, Japan, and Russia and many others are all trying to enter (or re-enter) the industry. They see it as the next step along their movement up the value chain of products. What they fail to realize is that this transition is not easy to navigate. Success at civil aircraft manufacturing is a hard.

One of the challenges for a new entrant into the industry is that they will have to operate at the technological barrier. In addition, there are many other entry barriers to be considered including the all-encompassing role of government and geopolitical considerations.

This book is aimed at business people, engineers and students with an interest in high technology and business strategy. People engaged in industrial policy and business academics are another potential audience for this book. The examples of policy successes and failures are considered and the case study approach provides an excellent way to teach globalization and the development of strategy in the real world.